My art

I have attended painting classes at a local adult education college but I am mainly a self-taught artist. I have carried out a fairly thorough study of books on water colour and acrylic techniques and on landscape painting.

My aim is to capture the beauty of the real world as I see it. And this can involve me painting subjects which to other eyes might seem mundane or uninteresting, such as scenes of dereliction or woodland vegetation. The effects of light and the interesting textures produced by decay are important to me. ( Ruskin once pointed out that when Turner painted boats they were always in “some aspect of decay or danger”.)

painting of old pipe in grass

I work from photographs because most of my paintings are very detailed, intense and take a long time to produce.

Although some of the paintings on this site are water colours I am currently working only in acrylic as it is more suited to the kind of effects I am trying to achieve.



Paintings in acrylics and water colour