Welcome to the web site of the landscape artist David Byars.

I paint landscape paintings in acrylic or water colors. Currently living in West Yorkshire, in northern England, I mainly use the local landscape as subject matter for my paintings.

Painting of St.Ives in north Cornwall, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, Hardcastle Crags, dereliction, derelict buildings, dead trees, woods, woodland, Farsley, Slaithewaite, Headingley, kirklees, birch tree, fungi, fungus, Shipley Glen, joyriding, burnt out car, allotments, churchyard, snow, railway, headingley railway line, leeds doorstep, red-brick houses, tram,trams, harrow.

I like painting the old industrial towns with their mills and chimneys, and the rugged natural landscapes of the moors and woodlands.

painting of gibson mill privies

As well as landscapes I also paint 'close-ups' or even more detailed studies of subjects such as a front doorstep or old derelict buildings. To view some of my paintings please click on the links (on the left of the page).

To watch a slideshow about my paintings please click here.

screenshot of my youtube video




Paintings in acrylics and water colour